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Fingerprint Lock

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    Smart Fingerprint Padlock

    Take the security of your personal belongings to the next level with Smart Fingerprint Padlock!

    If you’re the sort of person that forgets or loses passwords and keys then this is the perfect padlock for you. Smart Fingerprint Padlock is ideal for a wide range of uses such as gym lockers, school lockers, suitcases, bags, doors, cupboards, etc. It requires just your fingerprint to lock and unlock it.

    Smart Fingerprint Padlock is easy to set up and use, it features a long-life battery that will give you up to 1 year of use on a single charge. Revolutionize the way you secure your valuables!

    Long-Lasting Battery Life

     The lithium battery has a low energy consumption rate, which allows for the lock to stay powered for up to a year, making the product very low maintenance to upkeep.

    Fast Fingerprint Recognition

    The smart chip technology in the Smart Fingerprint Padlock allows you to save up to 10 fingerprints. This padlock can recognize any fingerprints in less than a second, making it more efficient than a normal lock.

    Durable Metal

    The high-quality zinc alloy that this product is made of ensures it’s made to last, ensuring that this product will always be able to serve its main purpose.

    Wide Range Of Uses

    The design of this product makes it so that you can use it on many different things like school lockers, suitcases, golf bags, handbags, wardrobes, bicycles, etc.


    • Support 360° arbitrary direction push type fingerprint recognition
    • Fingerprint recognition 72*64 Sensor matrix
    • Fingerprint recognition resolution 508DPI
    • Can authorize unlocking fingerprints: 10 groups
    • ESD: +/-12kV air, +/-8kV contact
    • FAR: <0.002%
    • Fingerprint identification unlock time: <500mS
    • Working temperature: -20 ° C ~ +70 ° C
    • Working humidity: 0~95% (no condensation)
    • Battery capacity: 180mAH
    • Fingerprint padlock size: 46*76*14mm


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